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  • Request for EOI

    14 Juni 2013 BudiUtomo


    The City Government of Semarang

    Request for EOI: West Semarang Water Supply PPP Project

    Closing date: 2 July 2013, at 14:00 O'clock

    The City Government of Semarang (“CGS”) intends to select a potential investor to finance, design, construct, operate and maintain water supply project in western Semarang area (“West Semarang Water Supply PPP Project” or the “Project”) through a competitive tender process. The selection process will be conducted using the Public-Private Partnership (“PPP”) scheme as stipulated under Presidential Regulation 67/2005 as lastly amended by Presidential Regulation 56/2011.

    CGS is now issuing a Request for Expression of Interest (“EOI”) to all potential investor that is qualified and has the
    experience in implementing water supply projects.

    The Project mainly consists of building and/or maintaining:

    • 1,050 l/sec intake facilities and 2 raw water pipelines of 2.2 km in length each, with diameter of 900 mm;
    • Water treatment plant (WTP), producing 1,000 l/sec of drinking water;
    • Transmission pipeline of 15.2 km in length, with diameter range from 450 to 700mm and 4 new service reservoirs of at least 14,400 cubic meters capacity in total;
    • Primary distribution mains (approximately 40 km) consisting of DIP pipes (diameter range from 300 to 700 mm) and PVC pipes (diameter range from 150 to 250 mm);
    • Secondary distribution mains of approximately 600 km in length with diameter range from 63 to 110 mm.

    The EOI will be used as a basis in deciding qualification criteria in terms of financial, technical and legal aspects which will favor parties who could demonstrate proven track records in financing, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining similar projects.

    Qualified potential investors are invited to submit a duly authorized signed EOI, attached with a company profile and the latest financial statement report/annual report, and register directly or by e-mail, from 14 June 2013 to 2 July 2013 (from 09.00-14.00, local time, working day), to the following address:

    Panitia Pengadaan Proyek KPS SPAM Semarang Barat (The Procurement Committee of West Semarang Water Supply PPP Project)

       Contact : Purnomo Dwi Sasongko (Head of Procurement Committee)

       Address : Gedung Mr Moch Ichsan, Lantai VII, Kompleks Balaikota Semarang, Jl Pemuda no 148 Semarang.

       Phone : 024 - 351 33 66/351 58 71

       E-mail : committee@westsemarangppp.info

    Investors who submit EoI (“Interested Parties”) by 28 June 2013 will be invited to a market consultation meeting on 2 July 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. A one-on-one meeting between the Interested Parties with the CGS will be arranged and held during the market consultation date. The detailed agenda and the one-on-one meeting schedule for market consultation will be released to the Interested Parties on 1 July 2013.